A little bit about me

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Enrique Sifuentes

After getting my degree in Industrial Design (Mexico 2004), I decided to specialize in yacht design, inspired by my fascination with the transportation design and the 32 'America's Cup. I finished a Master degree in Sailing Yacht Design (Madrid, Spain 2007)

Since then my professional career has been closely related to the cutting edge technology, working as an industrial designer and CGI Artist for important companies in the field of development and innovation, such as Oliver Design, Next Limit, Stabtech and Model Basin of ETSIN UPM

At this point I have more than 10 years of experience and looking forward to work in a great design team.

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I am a Visual thinker

Excellent graphic communication skills from free hand sketches and rendering trough CAD drawings.

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I do high end photorealistic renderings

I am highly proficient with 3D Visualization by creating photorealistic images and animations.

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I strive for continued excellence

I have experience of over 13 years, I have a full understanding of how to create designs by using of both applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics and functionality.