4 main areas of expertise

Demo Reel 2016

I have the pleasure of showcasing some of the work I have created and skills improved over the past year. Please enjoy.

What makes me your better option

As a Product designer not only need to have a core set of skills, but a few key values as well. Embodying these values is just as important as being able to solve an interaction design problem or code up a page.

Balancing customer needs and business goals

Because product designers should aim to find that sweet spot between customer needs, business goals and technical feasibility. These three areas are what blur the lines between a designer and a developer in the "traditional sense," and the reason why we've done away with those tired concepts.


Product designers get excited about new ideas, and doesn't always shoot things down. In turn, they aren't afraid to question their decisions, or let other people build off their ideas.


Conversely, a product designer also knows when to say "no." More importantly, she'll know how to say no — backing up her decisions with data, customer feedback or her own past experience. Because she understands the customer needs, business goals and technology, she's able to justify her design decisions and move the product forward rather than run around in circles.

Let's create synergy

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Enrique Sifuentes

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With a BA degree in Industrial Design and experience of over 10 years, I have a full understanding of how to create designs by using of both applied art and applied science to improve the aesthetics and functionality.

More about...

Principles of my work

Work experience

3D Visualization & CG Artist. (2015 – Present)
Origo Works. (Brownsville, Texas, United States of America)
Architecture concept development trough 3D modeling and rendering visualization.

Senior Industrial Designer (3 years : November 2011 – October 2014)
Desig-nergy, Industrial Design (Bilbao Bizkaia, Spain)
Founder and Head of design at Desig-nergy. Management and concept designer, making high end renderings for visualization, sales and commercial desk.

3D Visualization, Naval Architect (6.5 years: June 2005 – November 2011)
Oliver Design SL ( Bilbao Bizkaia, Spain ) 3D Visualization, Yacht and cruise designer, vehicle styling, Interior Design Project coordinator.

Software Development & Validation( 2 years: June 2008 – June 2010)
Next Limit Technologies ( Madrid, Spain ) Part of XFlow (computer fliud dynamics) software development team. Product Design, scripting, programming, product image, GUI (Graphic User Interfase) development. Validation through experimental and research data of the simulation algorithms on the development of “XFlow”, a CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics) software that uses cutting edge simulation technologies.

Design Phylosophy

I was then reminded of the famous German industrial designer Dieter Rams and his ten principles of “good design”. The straightforward list lays down key points, clearly stating what makes a good design. This information is a timeless source of inspiration that most any designer can appreciate. A good design should be: Innovative, Useful, Aesthetic, Understandable, Unobtrusive, Honest, Long-lasting, Thorough Down to the Last Detail, Environmental Friendly and Possible

Use of right Software tool

Proficent use of 3D software for Animation, CAD or CAM. Using only the robust, and most versatile software available:

3D Software: Atodesk’s Maya, 3Ds MAX

CAD Software: Rhinoceros, Solidworks

Rendering: Vray, Mentalray

Rendering: Vray, Mentalray

Excellent graphic communication

When I start your project with a sketch, you will not limit yourself with a single variation of your idea. Through sketching, you can explore multiple options you could take in a particular design concept.

Strive for continued excellence

I prefer the concept of striving for "excellence" instead of aiming to achieve "perfection." Excellence is about setting a high standard for yourself and focusing on getting as good as you can possibly be. It is ultimately inward focused.